Shirri the Miniature Dachshund

This is our little miniature dachshund which Charissa has treated for a number of conditions. She has had 3 operations and Charissa treated her with homeopathic treatments and she recovered in remarkable time. She also has Dry eye which Charissa treated with Acupuncture and Shirri's condition improved immediately before my very eyes.  Her eye was very red and as soon as acupuncture was given it became white instantaneously.  She then treated her with homeopathic treatments and Shirri is now a happy, energetic healthy little dog.


Beverley Macqueen

Esther the Dachshund

This is our other Dachshund 'Esther'.  Esther had a disclocated disc in her back and had major surgery. Charissa treated her with acupuncture and she recovered in a short period of time. We saw the results immediately and her walking improved. Charissa also told us what to give her to build her up and what to give her to keep her bones strong in the future. She has been full of energy ever since.


Beverley Macqueen

Lancelot the Miniature Poodle

I wish I had the good fortune to meet up with Charissa SmithBVSc – holistic vet, over 5 years ago.

My miniature poodle, Lancelot, was diagnosed at the age of 6 months old when he joined our family - as being in good health in Brisbane but with a little bit of fungus in the ears which was ‘normal’ I was told when I had him checked for good health. His respected breeder had been quick to outline his pedigree but failed to mention anything about his ears. And our fluffy, adorable little pet left with us from Brisbane then to live in the Northern tropics.

Years of recurrent aural infection followed including the horrid Pseudomonas pathogen and he was treated with the strongest possible antibiotics, perhaps to the point of weakening his immune system so that by the time I left the tropics and discovered Charissa Smith in Brisbane, she was faced not only with a chronic ear condition to rectify, but importantly - an immune system to resurrect . She did, and success became apparent 3 months later – the best result it could be said, in 5 years of aural treatment.

A risky, invasive operation on the ear considered in desperation, which would have left Lancelot deaf – was avoided as a result of my visit to her. She knew exactly what to do and her special abilities were both inspiring, and effective.

Lancelot hasn’t looked back since. At the last 2 aural examinations by my local vet who has worked in conjunction with Charissa and Lancelot, revealed his “ears were beautiful”. And his immune system has recovered. Bravo Charissa!!


Moya Cahill, Stanthorpe Qld


As you can see she is a very happy little dog now, her skin is so much better, she has a beautiful soft shiny coat and her chronic eye and ear infections have gone. I am so grateful for your help in treating Tilley who has had a chronic skin condition for over 4 years since she was bitten by a snake. I just wish we had come to see you sooner!


Ann Pierson

Annabelle the Australian Silky Terrier

I would like to express my thanks to Charissa for treating my beloved Australian Silky Terrier, Annabelle, who was diagnosed with lung disease and chronic kidney failure from the age of 14. I have seen her health and appetite improved, as well as her quality of life extended. However I only wished I knew Charissa earlier as I found her to be the most caring, most informative and most understanding doctor I ever met!

Bringing your pet to Charissa to see is certainly one of the best decisions you can ever make. I recommend Charissa to be the best wholistic vet doctor in Australia.

Thank you so much Charissa for helping me pull through the toughest of times.


S. Kong - Nerang


I first went to see Dr Charissa Smith because I had heard so many good reports about her, her name kept coming up in relation to my dog’s illness so I made an appointment.  My 14.5 year old poodle has had lung disease for as long as I can remember.  Last week, for the first time ever, his lungs were totally clear.  This is totally due to Charissa’s solicitous treatment, expert knowledge and administration of all sorts of herbs, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, vitamins etc.  I know that my dog wouldn’t still be with me if it weren’t for meeting Charissa and I will be eternally grateful to her.

She is also treating my terrier and he has never been more alert, free of itchiness and just loving life.

I recommend Charissa to anyone who loves their animals and wants to heal them from ailments and diseases.  In fact, a vet at a well-known veterinary hospital in Brisbane told me that often when they have no answers for a client they recommend they visit Charissa and she often finds that magical cure.  She has always been accessible to me when I have been worried or upset, returns my phone calls each and every time and is, in my opinion, an angel sent to help me.


Valerie Millar

Chun the 12 year old pug

Chun my 12 year old pug  has been seeing Charrisa for several years now. She has had many health issues. Charrisa has work hard to give Chun a better quality of life and it shows. Chun is much healthier and enjoys life.

Chun is on a variety of herbal and natural therapy as well as acupunture and laser therapy.  Chun has an organic food diet nothing processed.

I look back and think of how sick Chun had been and count my blessings that we meet Charrisa when we did, I don't think Chun would still be here if it were not for Charrisa. Everyday is a blessing to have Chun in my life happier and healthier all thanks to Charrisa.



Fleur , homeopathic treatment

Fleur is the chicken on the banner at the top of the services page. Aconite homeopathic saved fleur from constant anxiety after a tiger snake foray against her chickens. For fun , this music is sent , happy days for Fleur. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRfuZ8bTHEE


Fleur the Hen

Read more   This is a lovely picture of Heidi and her owner; Heidi has been treated for severe allergies and has prospered so that as a mature dog, she now has few problems.