Structural Therapies

Charissa Smith veterinarian supplies a range of Structural Therapies for pets.

Structural Adjustment

In an adjustment the bones are moved gently across one another so ligament recoil allows them to find their most comfortable place. Common injuries needing adjustments happen when the pelvis is thrown out of alignment. This can be done by straining of the back legs when pushing and turning with heavy loads. Charissa has a diploma of human Structural Balancing and has applied these techniques to animals for 20 years.

Muscle Therapy

This includes trigger point and cross tendon manipulation. Opposing muscles and tense areas are treated in a sequence of movements so that the muscles resume normal function .It is wonderful for old injuries and inherited conditions. Charissa has attended Bowen Therapy Schools for both animals and humans, and has created her own technique.


Massages can involve Shiatsu or Network Patterning.  Shiatsu involves stretching where one part of the body is held immobile and a compensating part stretched. It often allows joints and ligaments to slip themselves into the best position for function.  Network Patterning involves applying pressure to compensating muscle groups so that they relax and the whole spine falls in to its place of best function.  Other possible massage types are friction massage, deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, and long line massage.