Examination and treatment by the vet, Dr Charissa Smith may involve one or more therapeutic disciplines. These as well as the traditional Veterinary Medicine  make up the basis of  Holistic Veterinary Care. Check out the links for general information about the treatment disciplines that Dr Charissa uses.

Dr Charissa provides medical services only, pets or chickens needing surgery are referred to suitable vet clinics.

If you  prefer a type of medicine, please ask! The diferent services are listed beside this page, you can link to each service for more info.

Consultation starts with taking history, followed by an examination, skin scapings, sample collection e.g. blood /urine sampling, then dietary and product advice and/ or products and other therapies may be given. Discussion is at the end of examination, and prescription.

During the consultation the owner may wish to take notes, to remember information and record questions. Feel free to ask for pen and paper. 

 Blood tests  include titre tests for vaccination ( done in the clinic as you wait), and thyroid tests, which are sent to  laboratories. For more inforamation about thyroid disease, see the Herbal Medicine page. for information about vaccination, see the Vaccination page.

The dog featured on this website, Doberman Blue Heeler  x, John Samuel, lived to 18 years of age, despite absence of heart valves and adrenal tumors diagnosed by specialist ultrasound at age 14. With the use of holistic therapies, he lives a full life til 18 year of age.