Examination and treatment by the vet, Charissa Smith may involve one or more therapeutic disciplines. These as well as the traditional Veterinary Medicine  make up the basis of  Holistic Veterinary Care. Check out the links for general information about the treatment disciplines that Dr Charissa uses.

Dr Charissa provides medical services only, pets or chickens  needing surgery are referred to specialist vets, UQ vet clinic, or their clinic of origon.

Persons with a particular preference for a type of medicine, please ask! The consultation starts with a history being taken, followed by an examination, then dietary and product advice and or products are given. Acupuncture and muscle therapy may precede or come after these procedures.

Once the consultation is complete, questions will be answered and the owner is asked to read through any written instructions, which might be given if the case is complicated, or discuss any information they have recorded during the consultation. Some people like to write down their questions as the examination procedes.

Dr Charissa is also able to give Reiki to your pet as part of the consultation. Please ask if you would like this to happen. There is silence about or during reiki.

The dog featured on this website, John Samuel, lived to 18 years of age, despite absence of heart valves and adrenal tumors diagnosed by specilaist ultrasound at age 14. He is seen here on Frenchman's beach, Stradboke Island aged 16. He was treated with chinese herbal medicine, Zhi bai ba wei wan, Tian wang bu zin wan, Coenzyme Q 10, 150 mg per day, Vitamin C 1000mg daily, and Vetmedin, and more.

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 Blood tests may be done,These  include  titre tests for vaccine suitablity and thyroid tests, which are sent to Pathology laboratories. For more inforamation about thyroid disease, see the Herbal Medicine page.