Examination and treatment by the vet, Dr Charissa Smith may involve one or more therapeutic disciplines. These as well as the traditional Veterinary Medicine  make up the basis of  Holistic Veterinary Care.

Dr Charissa provides medical services only, pets or chickens needing surgery are referred to suitable vet clinics.

If you  prefer a type of medicine, please ask! The diferent services are listed beside this page, you can link to each service for more info.

Consultation starts with taking history, followed by an examination, skin scapings, sample collection e.g. blood /urine samplin. Ndxt comes dietary and product advice.  Products and other therapies may be given. Discussion occurs is at the end of examination..

During the consultation the owner may wish to take notes, to remember information and record questions. Feel free to ask for pen and paper. 

 Blood tests  include titre tests for vaccination ( done in the clinic as you wait), and thyroid tests, which are sent to  laboratories.  There is much controversy about tires testing, vaccaintion is receommended for non protective titres.

There is no f pos, so cash only is required.

Consultations including acupuncture and pathology,  normnally take 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

The dog featured on this website, Doberman Blue Heeler  x, John Samuel, lived to 18 years of age, despite absence of heart valves and adrenal tumors diagnosed by specialist ultrasound at age 14. With the use of holistic therapies, he lives a full life til 18 year of age.

Acupuncture is the use of needles on points on the body. These points lie along a network of channels. This therapy can use laser light, electricity, magnets, injection, pressure, and gold bead implantation on these points. Charissa applies  these techniques as needed.

Flower essences

may treat behavioural problems, they also treat the emotions that underlay all disease. Bach flower essences are an English system, Bush flower essences are made from Australian bush plants.


This is the use of diluted substances to improve health and emotions.

Dr Charissa has written a book about homeopathic research, designed to clarify and show the attributes and limitations of good quality homeopathic research. It is called Quantitative Homeopathic Research, Seven Simple Steps: The Little Black Book. For Hard Copies email Dr Charissa or phone 0418 759 237 . The book can  be  seen here


Herbal medicines

Charissa Smith holistic veterinarian supplies both European herbs and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine when treating animals.for many diseases. She has programms for insect control for ticks , fleas, mosquitos and insect born diseases. Controlling insects with herbs: washes, sprays, aroma therapy reduces the effect of chemicals on other insects and plants, and the soil, air and water.

Structural Adjustment

In an adjustment the bones are moved gently across one another so ligament recoil allows them to find their most comfortable place. Common injuries needing adjustments happen when the pelvis is thrown out of alignment. This can be done by straining of the back legs when pushing and turning with heavy loads. Charissa has a diploma of human Structural Balancing and has applied these techniques to animals for 20 years.

Muscle Therapy

This includes trigger point and cross tendon manipulation. Opposing muscles and tense areas are treated in a sequence of movements so that the muscles resume normal function .It is wonderful for old injuries and inherited conditions. Charissa has attended Bowen Therapy Schools for both animals and humans, and has created her own technique.


Massages can involve Shiatsu or Network Patterning.  Shiatsu involves stretching where one part of the body is held immobile and a compensating part stretched. It often allows joints and ligaments to slip themselves into the best position for function.  Network Patterning involves applying pressure to compensating muscle groups so that they relax and the whole spine falls in to its place of best function.  Other possible massage types are friction massage, deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, and long line massage.