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Charissa has written a book about homeopathic research, designed to clarify and show the attributes and limitations of good quality homeopathic research. It is called Quantitative Homeopathic Research, Seven Simple Steps: The Little Black Book. For Hard Copies email Dr Charissa or phone 0418 759 237 . The book can  be  seen here

  • Hard copy ISBN 978-0-9870868-0-8
  • Paperback ISBN 978-0-9870868-1-5
  • E book ISBN 978-0-9870868-2-2

There is a homeopathic association for veterinarians, the IVAH. www.ivah.org

Peter Gregory, Veterinarian, founding member and lecturer for the International Association of Veterinary Homeopathy

explains the way in which homeopathy works: " My understanding is that a homeopathic remedy holds an electromagnetic frequency - it is created by the potentisation process and requires the earth's magnetic field to be maintained so if you put it in a lead box it is inactivated. The frequency is the information which affects homeostatic processes. It only works if the receptor is sensitive to that frequency- and it depends on the state of the system as to what the effect is - like a remote control which turns the television on or off. Maybe it turns genes on or off. Cyril Smith worked this all  out many years ago - it is on Hpathy website - and in my book