Charissa uses the Bush flower and Bach flower essences.

If people want to share the pets treatment, they can rub these into their pets coat.


BoroniaThis is  used for treating animals who are pining for another who has been lost. It allows the intuition to flow easily, and relieves sadness and grief. It allows clarity of mind and mental calm.

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Slender Rice Flower

Slender Rice FlowerThis flower is called the "getting on together flower".

Pimelias of all sorts grow readily in Brisbane…the one which grows readily by the road and in our garden can be used… put it in a crystal vase and leave it out with the spring water in the rising sun. It can be purchased as a bush flower essence at DR Charissa's. Where the disharmony is caused by competition, especially among males, red helmet orchid for male bonding and sensitivity can also be used.

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