Acupuncture is the use of needles on one or many points on the body. Other forms of acupuncture involve the use of laser light, electricity, magnets, injection, pressure, and gold bead implantation. Charissa applies all of these techniques as needed.

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Herbal Medicine

Charissa Smith is a holistic veterinarian and supplies both European herbs and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine when treating animals.

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Charissa uses the Bush flower and Bach flower essences including Boronia and Slender Rice Flower.

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Acupuncture Herbal Medicine Essences
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Welcome to Acacia Animal Care

Acacia Animal Care provides health support, veterinary consultations, advice re feeding, acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic medicines and supplements for dogs  cats and chickens. Dr Charissa Smith is the Holistic Veterinary Surgeon with a life spent caring for pets!!!. Your loved pets will relax at the rural Acacia centre in the bush just north of Gatton Queensland.

The most important choices an owner makes when choosing a poet are

1. The Type of Animal  2. The Breed of pet

3. What the pet eats : Food glorious Food.

Dr Charissa helps choose the type of pet and breed of pet based on the persons lifestyle and other committments, talk to Dr Charissa before you get your pet!!!.

Once you have chosen your pet, the most important medicine you pet has will be its food, Bring your pet to Dr charissa as soon as you get it, discuss its food and exercise  and shelter, and avoid later problems!!!. Dr Charissa designs infividual diets ,  adjusted for breed and lifestyle.