Acupuncture is the use of needles on one or many points on the body. Other forms of acupuncture involve the use of laser light, electricity, magnets, injection, pressure, and gold bead implantation. Charissa applies all of these techniques as needed.

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Herbal Medicine

Charissa Smith is a holistic veterinarian and supplies both European herbs and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine when treating animals.

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Charissa uses the Bush flower and Bach flower essences including Boronia and Slender Rice Flower.

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Acupuncture Herbal Medicine Essences
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Welcome to Acacia Animal Care

Acacia Animal Care provides health services with thorough veterinary consultations, acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic medicines and supplements for dogs  cats and chickens. Dr Charissa Smith BVSC MPhil is the Holistic Veterinary Surgeon and loves to treat your pets!!!. Your special pets are welcome at the rural Gatton Acacia Country centre. 

Charissa designs balanced fresh food diets for your pet, and empowers owners to care for their animals.She rejoices in the way acupuncture and herbal medicine can change the pets life for the better, and how Rieki homeopathy and flower essences can enable improvement in even the most debilitated animal. All animals are given a free acupuncture treatment as part of their consultation.

Simple fresh food, fresh meat and bones can change your pets life  for the better.

Young animals started on a balanced fresh food diet can avoid many of the common diseases, such as itchy skins and decaying gums.

Charissa believes in keeping back yard chickens as part of a way of controlling larval ticks and termites.

Organic poultry foods can be obtained from
Country Heritage chickens at Toowoomba,  and  from GreenAg, also Toowoomba. ( mineral balancing food)

If you are food sensitive to grains and the estrogen content of soy, then you will do better if the eggs which you eat are more than organic,  eggs should come from hens which are fed only seeds and insect protein ( worm farming, blowfly larval farming), and spread organic grain if there is a need to improve egg production. No pet including birds,  should not be allowed to get too fat, . Greenag food for chickens is recommended as it is low in sorghum. It uses organic grains, which are suitable for people who are non reactive to organic grain protein. Ziwi peak prepared foods for pets are recomended because of the production method, and organic food used in their preparation. Pet-Stock sell this.

Note Many pets will eat to excess if they suffer from fear or boredom, including chickens.

 Read more Tick control: you can purchase these herbal oils and their combinations from Acacia Animal Care,

A Case Report , the treatment of Marek's disease infected poultry:

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