Practice Philosophy

About Charissa Smith's (holistic veterinarian) philosophies that underpin the holistic services of Acacia Animal Care in Australia.

Services offered

People seek holistic medicine for their pet for with a desire to regain control of health and wellbeing. To this end clients are offered a balanced health-care approach incorporating high quality orthodox medicine combined with advanced medical clinical nutrition, enhanced by complimentary medicine practices such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, and muslculo sleletal adjustment and kinesiology - a unique combination for our times. This does not all occur in the one consultation, if you have a preference please ask.

Owners may be educated in massage, acupressure, animal communication and spiritual healing where appropriate.

Pets that need holistic treatment often have complicated health problems which have not been addressed by the more "mainstream" medical practice. all effort is made to liase with the current pratitioner and to make use of specialist diagnostic services where appropriate.  Perhaps your pets problems fall into this category. Because of this, it is difficult to arrange for appointments to run strictly to schedule. Unfortunately, animal needs do not fit into neat appointment packages.

It is best to take the time to:

  • Manage the program,
  • Ensure that you, the owner, understands what it is they need to do, feel free to ask questions once the animal has been examined, and go through the notes you will be given with the vet. Some people like to stand in front ot the computer and do it twice so as to be clear..
  • Ring the practice before leaving home to make sure the doctor is on time



Charissa provides holistic veterinary services via appointment from Acacia Country in Gatton (ph 0418759237) or at the Greencross Inala Vet Surgery (ph 0733725700).  For specific information about the services that Charissa provides, including consultation details, go to the services page.

The Acacia

The Acacia page is attached to the Herbal medicine section, and tells of the powerful benefits of the acacia tree, and why it is the symbol for Acacia Animal Care. It is an easy tree to grow, everyone in Queensland should have one or two.

Charissa promotes the highest standards of diganosis and treatment, and research wherever possible.

She recommends as a free provider of interesting research information.


Red Rabbits ,always on the go!!! Red Rabbits ( R and R) was saved from tick poisoning k by the combined efforts of The Inala Vet team. he was given antivenine, Intravenous fluids, acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy ( Lathyrus 200c).