Practice Philosophy

About Charissa Smith's (holistic veterinarian) philosophies that underpin the holistic services of Acacia Animal Care in Australia.


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What to expect

Dr Charissa listens to past history and clients opinions.

The pet is given a standard vet physical checkup

Dr Charissa gives the pet acupucnture, and or structural adjustment

Dr Charissa.designs a program to suit the client and pet.

Dr Charissa discusses this program with the owner, as well as  further digansis needed like X rays or Bloos tests

Practice dog


Red Rabbits:!!  He was saved from tick poisoning  by antivenine, Intravenous fluids, acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy ( Lathyrus 200c). Charissa uses Nexgard as a chemical prevention for ticks, with a combination of herbal meds and homeopathics. No prevention replaces routine checking for ticks after the pet goes into tick infested country.If the pet is chemically sensitive, Nexgard is not used. It is a matter of waying the risk of tick, the possibility of vigilant non chemical programs, and the risk of chemical sensitivity.Chemical semsitivity can be high in some immune mediated diseases.