Personal History

Background information about Acacia Animal Care

Charissa SmithThe business is run by Charissa Smith (BVSc Dip Ac/DipHerbMed) holistic veterinarian. She is a veterinary graduate of the University of Sydney, with 40 years experience, who practices integrated veterinary medicine She has spent her life in the service of animals and their needs, belives in continuing education and excellence, and humor.


In addition to a veterinary degree from Sydney University (1969), she has Diplomas in Veterinary Acupuncture, Veterinary Kinesiology, Certificate in Veterinary Homeopathy, and Diplomas in Structural Balancing and Chinese herbal medicine. Charissa is also a Reiki master. In 2013 she graduated from the University of Queensland with a Masters of Philosophy (research) studying homeopathic disease prevention in laying hens in different management systems..

Veterinary Associations

She is a life member of the Australian Veterinary Association,, The Queensland Veterinary Branch, a member of Intergrated Veterinarians Australia. and the International Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association.

Life experience


Charissa has a Red Rabbits the agile kelpie rescued from certain death with a tick, and Wichette the wild tabby, terror of rats, and rescued from the surgery ditch. She also has Malcolm Steer, featured on his own facebook page, and on the home page with  the proprietor of Live Exercise Physiology, He was saved by herbal medicine and homeopathy from nasty calf scours when he was first rescued, loves all people and is a great animal to teach cow leading.He is soon to be rehomed witha lady who loves him dearly, bon voyage, Malcolm Steer,


She now has droughtmaster  cows, bulls, and heifers, 30 chooks ( lohmans, leghorns and csiros and the Xmas ebony hen, Australoprs) . She is a member of the  Droughtmaster society and has cattle for sale.

Maddie goes to the Farm

Choosing a dog for your chld is most important, this old labradoar, Monty, raised 10 children. Monty was taken to Acacia country at14 yo after the death of his long term owner, Dr Ttonia Werschon by Dr Charissa after her death. He left us at 18 yo, and is still greatly missed. He was totally safe with children, no matter the provocation and was gentle to the end. A dog with a great sense of humor, and vigilant attendant of the Moolooloba bakery.