Acupuncture is the use of needles on one or many points on the body. Other forms of acupuncture involve the use of laser light, electricity, magnets, injection, pressure, and gold bead implantation. Charissa applies all of these techniques as needed.

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Herbal Medicine

Charissa Smith is a holistic veterinarian and supplies both European herbs and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine when treating animals.

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Charissa uses the Bush flower and Bach flower essences including Boronia and Slender Rice Flower.

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Acupuncture Herbal Medicine Essences
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Welcome to Acacia Animal Care

Acacia Animal Care provides health services with thorough veterinary consultations, acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic medicines and supplements for dogs  cats and chickens. Dr Charissa Smith BVSC MPhil is the Holistic Veterinary Surgeon and loves to treat your pets!!!. Your special pets are welcome at the rural Gatton Acacia Country centre, and At Gx Inala on Wednesday. 

"Keeping Backyard Chickens, the holistic way".

Organic foods can be obtained from
Country Heritage chickens at Toowoomba, (entire food)  and  from Green Ag, also Toowoomba. ( mineral balancing food)

If you are food sensitive to grains and the estrogen content of soy, then you will do better if the eggs which you eat are  more than organic,  eggs should come from hens which are fed only seeds and insect protein ( worm farming, blowfly larval farming).

As a result  Dr Charissa has designed a balanced supplement ( Charissa's clucky chicken mix) which  can be purchased from her at 25 $ a kg,  for natural bird grazing and insect predation.

Charissa's Seminar:

Session 1 Choosing the chickens, their houses and their food.....conclusions:  look after your weeds, they feed the insects and maintain the minerals, the mobille chicken house versus the stationary.
Session 2 Common diseases, prevention and treatment...... conclusions:  the importance of minerals in the diet, and varied natural greens

Other issues of great importance were keeping away predators: snakes, rats, eagles, dogs and humans. People loved looking at Dr Charissa's designer chicken houses, especially the snake, dog, eagle, human resistant baby chicken pen..



 Happy  Xmas season to all my clients, who are wonderful, especially the parents who are looking at the christmas budget. Remember the pets and chickens only need to know you love them , and time spent is more valualbe, and much safer than overeating. Chickens can get get fatty liver disease from over eating so no excess Xmas cake for those hens. Beverages such as coke, grapes, chocolate, fruit puddings and too many sweets and hot dogs are a no no, dogs and cats, even chickens  are not designed to eat them !!! 

Read more 1 Important parasite control  this has application to small animals as well as large, talk to Dr Charissa 

Read more 2  Biochar is one of the most important discoveries of the 21st century, reduce your use of chemicals !!!  How to make a biochar kiln, these are made by Ian Smith, Stockquip in Gatton

Read more 2a Feeding biochar to cows, note it can also be fed to any animal!

Read more 3 Tick control: purchase products to assist with this problem

Read more 4 Notes on keeping holistic chickens: power point from the seminar