Acupuncture is the use of needles on one or many points on the body. Other forms of acupuncture involve the use of laser light, electricity, magnets, injection, pressure, and gold bead implantation. Charissa applies all of these techniques as needed.

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Herbal Medicine

Charissa Smith is a holistic veterinarian and supplies both European herbs and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine when treating animals.

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Charissa uses the Bush flower and Bach flower essences including Boronia and Slender Rice Flower.

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Acupuncture Herbal Medicine Essences
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Welcome to Acacia Animal Care

Acacia Animal Care provides health services with veterinary consultations and herbal, homeopathic medicines  and supplements for all pets and livestock. Charissa Smith is the Holistic Veterinary Surgeon and aims to make animals healthier and happier.
Your much loved pets are welcome at both Greencross inala and the rural Gatton Acacia Country centre.

Horses and cattle may be brought to the Gatton rural property where there are yards, and facilities for loading. For ACACIA COUNTRY stud droughtmaster attle slaes and information  see the Services page.

Charissa has long experience in animal acupuncture,  herbal and homeopathic animal medicine. As a practising veterinarian she also has 40 years expertise in traditonal veterinay medicine in which she is updated regularly by the enthusiastic and competent Inala Greencross staff.

Important Notice

Happy New Year to all the clients who are wonderful, and their precious and beloved animals. Be careful of Ham bones, champange and other beverages such as coke, grapes, chocolate, fruit puddings and too many sweets and hot dogs, dogs and cats are not desighned to eat them,!!!

Chilli flavorings can burn the linings of small animals so that they die of acute posoning especially in hot weather. The gut .ing can fall off. Large quantites of sugar in any form will wreck the pancreas and digestion of a cat and dog, and choclate can cause heart collapse, even in small quantities.Ham bones are cooked and will splinter, and contain salt and nitrates which can damge the liver. Dogs love them and the constipation which occurs on eating them can be damaging.

Raw organic meat nicely prepared at blood temperature is safer for your pets, at the appropriate bite size.

Further Information about Acacia Animal Care:

Charissa  has a philosophy of treatment and general health for animals which is covered in this powerpoint called  " The Happy Healthy Handsome Hound"  from an address to the Brisbane Dog Breeders Association (Much of the detail was verbally presented, however the importance of diet, shelter, exercise and how to make descisions about  preventative health can be seen.

Charissa uses diet is an important part of a animal's health managment  and promotes the use of fresh food wherever possible. Dietary management and nutritional supplementation are a part of most consultataions. For an interesting article on old dog health management using reiki  and nutritional supplements, go to

Charissa is a Reiki master of the Usui school.